Richard Steiner's
Kyoto International Mokuhanga School

 Learn Mokuhanga - Japanese Printmaking

Learn how to make Japanese water based woodblock prints in Kyoto with Richard Steiner, highly respected teacher and mokuhanga artist.

"The traditional Japanese technique is highly versatile, environmentally friendly and inherently beautiful. It should be the medium of choice for printmakers. I want to share our local knowledge with the world's printartists through my teaching.

"You can study with me for a short or long term, here in Kyoto, Japan, where I have lived and taught for the last 40 years. The very short courses have been dropped. No more one-day, three-day one-week classes. The minimum lengths now are ten-day, two-week, one-month, three-month, one- or two-year courses. These year-long courses end with a teacher's license and a school name.

Courses for 2017 and 2018 are all booked. 2019 still has openings. But they are few because of preparations for my 50 Years of Printmaking exhibition in 2020."


"I came to Kyoto to study with Richard and it's been a great experience. From him I could learn so much that's just not possible from books or the internet. My prints have improved so much!" - Terry McKenna 2012