Studying for up to 90 days is possible on a Tourist Visa.

Students can choose the number of days each week that they want to attend the school. There are no classes on weekends or on  Fridays. 

Cost: ¥10,000  per day; classes are from 1:00pm to 6:00pm including the workshop clean-up.

What you get: a moderate quality 11-knife set, use of the workshop equipment and facilities, the baren and its brace, tracing film (polyfilm), wood, proof paper, sharpening rouge and its stand, thumb stalls, taxi gloves, oil sponge, hanko seal making instruction (off workshop), instruction, and some other materials and tools.

Additional costs: pure pigment set, professional carving knives, ball bearing baren, handmade washi.

Accomodation and food: Students arrange these by themselves. No eating meals in the workshop. The School is not a lounge; we study hard, deeply, intensively.