For vistors entering Japan, having the correct visa is your responsibility.

You can study for a short period at our school under any Tourist Visa, up to 90 days; you don't need any special permission. However, if you wish to stay for a longer period, you will need to have the right visa. Under very special circumstances, the School can sponsor students. This needs to be discussed by e-mail well beforehand.

The Japanese Immigration Bureau website and your own country's information sources are the first places you should get information from. The following is only a guide from our experience, and information may change without our knowledge.

Visitor Visa

You can enter Japan and stay for the purpose of travel for up to 90 days. You must leave the country before this visa expires. You can do a 10 day course or up to 3 months (89 days) study with us under this visa. Extending it means usually going to Korea for two days to get the extension stamped in your passport. (Korea, by the way, is also very nice to visit; staying for a few extra days is no loss.)

You are not allowed to enter into paid employment under this visa.


Cultural Studies Visa

You may apply for this visa to study for longer periods with us. There is no guarantee you will be successful. Approval may depend on a number of factors, such as your history as an artist, previous interest in mokuhanga, ability to support yourself financially without working (proof of sufficient funds in a bank in your country is required), etc.

The school can act as a sponsor for you under very special circumstances; however, approval for the visa rests entirely with the Japan Departmant of Immigration.You are not allowed to enter into full-time, paid employment under this visa. A small, part-time english teaching job is allowed.


Other Visas

You may enter Japan under other types of visa, depending on your personal circumstances. You can study with us under all types of visa, except escaped knave.