momiji 900W

2019 has few openings because of preparations for my 50 Years of Printmaking exhibition in 2020.


The School will close at the end of 2019 for short-term students. From 2020 the shortest course will be three months, tho longer courses for individuals aiming to become teachers will be held. However, the School up in Karuizawa with teacher Terry McKenna will be opened in spring of 2019 for short-  and long-term students.   

The 2019 Calendar is full. Here is the schedule of students for the year:



Bobby SEBOLAO  UK  One-year course from January

Julianne SMART  OZ   January 14 to 31

Annabel DOWNES  UK  March 4 to 28

M-L JONES   OZ    April 1 to 30

Laura PARKER  USA  June 17 to 27

Michael LITZAO  USA  June 17 to 28

Eric HIBIT  USA  May 20 to June 27

Fiona RAFFERTY   OZ   July 1 to  Aug 22

Ruth CORTINAS   Switzerland   Aug 5 to Oct 17

Vanira VISSEPO   USA   Oct 7 to Nov 26

These dates do not include Japanese or residant foreign students.They follow a different schedule.