momiji 900W

The 2019 Calendar is full. Here is the schedule of students for the year:



Bobby SEBOLAO  UK  One-year course from January

Julianne SMART  OZ   January 14 to 31

Annabel DOWNES  UK  March 4 to 28

M-L JONES   OZ    April 1 to 30

Laura PARKER  USA  June 17 to 27

Michael LITZAO  USA  June 17 to 28

Eric HIBIT  USA  May 20 to June 27

Fiona RAFFERTY   OZ   July 1 to  Aug 22

Ruth CORTINAS   Switzerland   Aug 5 to Oct 17

Vanira VISSEPO   USA   Oct 7 to Nov 26

These dates do not include Japanese or residant foreign students.They follow a different schedule.